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Cash Discount Merchant Service Sales Rep Wanted

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How Do I Make Money?

1. Get paid for the processing commission month after month!

As one of our 1099 contractors and merchant service consultants, you will be selling only the cash discount program from our provider to the business. When someone uses a credit card to make a purchase with the merchant, you get paid for a portion of the credit card transaction processing fees.

2. Get paid for equipment leasing!

The merchant is required to use a specific POS or credit card machine to accept the cash discount program and save processing fees. By leasing the equipment, you may also get paid for the commission upfront by the leasing company.

Why Join Us?

Higher commission payout than other cash discount providers!

We have a straight-forward agreement with our cash discount provider. It allows us to pay more commission to our sales reps than any other similar programs, so they are motivated to help more businesses save money on credit card process fees with the industry leader in the cash discount program.

A full CRM support from the leader in the industry!

The cash discount program also provides an industry-leading CRM system to access new lead, create an account, and track commission right from your computer and mobile phone. Your success is our Success. Transparency is the key to our success!

Our sales reps are making 6 Figure Annual Income from A Single Merchant Account!



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Eliminate the credit card processing fee:​

As one of our cash discount merchant service sales reps, you will be a 1099 contractor/consultant helping businesses in your region that are interested in finding ways to eliminate their credit card processing fees. High merchant processing fees are a big issue for many small to medium-size businesses in the USA. So many merchants decide not to take American Express because of their higher processing fees.

Lower business operation cost:

Small businesses often avoid paying American Express or AMEX fees by not taking the AMEX Credit Cards payment. However, there are many corporate Credit Cards with higher than normal fees that the merchant can not avoid due to the fact that they are part of the Visa and Mastercard program.

Cash Discount is an alternative solution to that dilemma. The credit card processing regulations allow the merchant to add a surcharge when people pay with a Credit card. This surcharge can be added as a percentage or as a fixed fee and can be determined by the merchant up to the regulation limits. It dramatically reduces the cost of paying the merchant processing fee and decrease the business operation cost. 

We offer a higher payout than any other cash discount provider can do. You will be making more commission than anyone in the process. We also provide a full CRM system to help you streamline the sales procedures.

Yes. Don’t worry! We have an online training video shows you how to go from 0 to 100 mph in a matter of hours, and you can start selling this baby in your region and niche! ** Some restrictions and training fees may apply!  

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